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Site Features:

Price per Song 15¢
Minimum Topup $30.00
Album Discount 0%
Registration Bonus None
Payment Methods Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa Electron or DinersClub
Track Count 3,000,000
Bitrate 192-320kbps
This site is designed to bring you all the details about the mp3 download site, MP3Mixx. We cover the good, the bad and all the in between. Anything you should or need to know about MP3Mixx can be found here. Offers, deals, bonuses and loads more included. If you want to ask a question, please feel free to contact us or find us on twitter.

MP3Mixx, what's that?

MP3Mixx is a cheap, safe mp3 music downloading website. Think of a song, search for it, download it. Simple as that!

What's the cost of music?

Music from MP3Mixx costs just 15¢ per song, so it's much cheaper than well-known sites like iTunes and Amazon. However, there is no album discount, unlike other mp3 sites. MP3Mixx is very up to date too, with the newest releases and albums being added all the time.

What's the catch?

The only catch with the site is the amount of money you need to deposit in order to start using the site. Songs may only be 15¢ each, but you need to top up a minimum of $30.00 in order to start downloading music. Any songs you buy will be deducted from your balance and your balance will not expire, so you can use it whenever you like. You can top up using Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Visa Electron or DinersClub. It is very safe and secure to use too, they don't take any unauthorised payments and they won't sell your identity!

Freebies, Bonuses & Offers

MP3Mixx offer free credit when you top up your account with them. The minimum applies each time, but topping up extra can be beneficial:

Top up $50.00 to get $10.00 for free or top up $100.00 to get $25.00 for free

How do I get an account?

To get an account with MP3Mixx, you need to register. Registration with MP3Mixx is free and once you've registered and confirmed your email address, you can start using the site to download music. (Register with MP3Mixx here)

What about my iPod or MP3 Player?

All songs from MP3Mixx are DRM free, so they are compatible with all mp3 players, including iPods. Getting the music from MP3Mixx to your iPod is easy, but if you need a helping hand, take a look at this guide: iTunes Help Guide.

Earn cash with MP3Mixx

You can earn money by putting a link to MP3Mixx on your blog or website, click here for more details about this: MP3 Affiliate Programs